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    • Debt Management Program

      Reduce interest rates, eliminate fees and consolidate your debts into one affordable payment.

    • Student Loan Help

      Arrange an affordable student loan repayment agreement for federal, provincial and private loans.

    • Lump Sum Settlements

      Save 75% on your debts with lump sum settlements. Let us negotiate with your creditors!

    • Mortgage Help

      Use your home equity to pay off debts! Live Debt Free Now offers first and second mortgages, along with home equity

    Are you drowning in DEBT?

    Live Debt Free Now is here to offer a solution to your debt problems! We’ll work to negotiate with creditors, lowering interest rates and eliminating fees and penalties to arrive at a lower payment. You could pay off debts for less than what you owe currently!

    We’ll help reduce the amount of debt owed whenever possible and our debt consultants will work to help you get out of debt and stay out of debt!

    Leading you to debt freedom

    Live Debt Free Now is an independent firm that is not funded by any financial institutions or retailers. We offer debt counseling to those looking to get out of debt. Our independent status allows our professional consultants the freedom and flexibility to educate consumers about credit related issues and to negotiate payments that are acceptable to both our clients and their creditors in the debt counseling program debt counselling.

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    Debt Counseling Program

    Live Debt Free Now provides innovative, practical, and top quality services that assist individuals to achieve financial success while ensuring that creditors are repaid through our debt counseling program. We will deliver unsurpassed quality of service that will not only assist consumers with their present financial hardships, but will also make them aware of past mistakes and how to avoid the future Debt Counseling Program.

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    Our Services

    • Stop Wage Assignments / Garnishments

      A number of our programs stop wage assignments and garnishments through "a stay of proceedings"

    • Court / Legals

      We provide a full range of paralegal services, including all small claims court representation with both Plaintiff action

    • Proposals

      Live Debt Free Now can arrange debt management payment plans based on a Financial Capacity Assessment. Savings of 70% +

    • Mortgage Assistance

      Let us show you how you can use the equity in your house to get out of debt. (Live Debt Free Now also provides First, Second and

    • Money Management

      Debtors with sufficient assets can sometimes settle their accounts with a one-time lump sum settlement. Savings

    • Lump Sum Settlements

      Debtors with sufficient assets can sometimes settle their accounts with a one-time lump sum settlement. Savings

    • Student Loan Assistance

      We can set up affordable student loan repayment plans for Provincial, Federal and Private programs.

    • Debt Manage ment Program (DMP)

      Live Debt Free Now can reduce your interest rates, eliminate late fees, and combine your payments into

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